Steps to get a discount:

1. Open the KadiBuddy application and set your location

2. Go to "Balaji Sweets and Juice Center Store"  and Select "Fast Food Category"

3. Select "Dahi Wada" product (1 Quantity, Per User)

4. Go to checkout option and apply promo code to get 100% discount = BALAJI 

5. Wooha!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will receive your first order soon.

6. Share with your friends so they can get their first order 100% free.

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Video Explanation:

Terms and Conditions:

- Offer is available for first-time users only.

-Today's received orders will be processed the next day

-KadiBudddy and Balaji Sweets Center can withdraw the offer anytime without any prior notice

-No immediate delivery will be provided for this promo code

-The above promo code is only applicable to the "Balaji Sweets Center and Juice Center" store and product " Dahi Wada" only, no other products will be served free of cost.

- You can not apply this promo code to the other products  ( If applied then your order will be cancelled without any notice)

- Offer Validity: 28- November-2020 to 10- December-2020

Thank You.

Happy Shopping..........................